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Careers With Children

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the various careers that involve working with children.  Students will explore occupations related to children and examine his/her personal career goals.  Through the investigation of various career choices, students will have the ability to develop an educated opinion of occupations that fit their personal needs and expectations.

Students will study child growth and development, safety and emergency procedures, nutrition and health practices, positive interaction and guidance techniques, learning theories and developmentally appropriate practices and curriculum activities.  In addition, students will apply their knowledge and skills in various settings that involve children, create and implement projects, and take part in a series of professional training activities that include resume and cover letter writing and preparing for an interview. Upon successful completion of the programs students will receive 3 child development units/college credit from CRC.

For information, please see Ms. Kim in room 2
Satellite Career Technical Education (CTE) Program

Satellite Career Technical Education (CTE) Program